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Call by value vs Call by reference in PHP

In this tutorial learn, how to use PHP's Call by Value and Call by Reference features to build powerful PHP scripts. I'll also show you how to use PHP's built-in reference function, so you can get a good idea of what your code is doing without having to understand it.Learn how to use the php call by value and call by reference functions to create custom function calls & complex expressions in your php program.


A copy of the variable is passed in Call by value, whereas a variable is passed in Call by reference. In programming languages such as C++, PHP, Visual Basic NET, and C#, call by value is the default way, but call by reference is only supported in Java.

Make a value-based call. Call based on a referral. Variable values are passed to a function when it is called. "Call By Values" functions are what they're called. Instead of giving the values of variables to a function, we pass the address of variables (location of variables) to the "Call By References" function.

The address of a variable is passed in a call by reference. The address of a variable's value is the location where it is kept. In this example, we use PHP's call by reference to swap two numbers. The values $a = 5 and $b = 7 were supplied to the swap() method in the preceding example.

TL;DR: Both pass by value and pass by reference are supported in PHP. The ampersand (&) is used to declare references, which is similar to how C++ implements it. When a function's formal parameter isn't stated with an ampersand (i.e., it's not a reference), everything, including objects, is supplied by value.

The address of the actual arguments is copied to the formal parameters when invoking a function with Call By Address. Call by reference, on the other hand, is a method of delivering arguments to a function by copying an argument's reference into the formal parameter.

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