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Log in Operation

In this Course , how to use the popular Log In operation set up a user account that allows you to log in & out easily. This is a great tool that is used by thousands of professional marketers & agencies worldwide to simplify their blog creation process. A step by step guides for log in process in this hindi course medium.


php session_start(); include "db. php"; $username = $_POST["username"]; $password = $_POST["password"]; $sql = "SELECT email, password FROM users WHERE email = '$username' and password = md5('$password')"; $result = mysql_query($sql, $link); if($result == false) { echo 'User is not logged in'; }

  • How to Get Started Before we establish our secure login system, there are a few things we need to do.
  • Making a design for the login form.
  • Setting up Tables and Creating the Database
  • Using PHP to Authenticate Users
  • Making the Home Page is the first step.
  • The Profile Page is being built.
  • The Logout Script is being written.

  • The first step is to create the login form. Create a file called "login. php" and paste the code below into it.
  • Creating the Welcome Page is the second step. Here is the code for our website "Thank you for visiting.
  • Creating the Logout Script is the third step. Let's make a new one now "logoff

You can create a table called userLoginStatus with fields like clockIn time and clockOut time, and then enter the current time in the clockIn and clockOut fields. When a user logs in, leave the clockOut time blank; it should only be updated when the user clicks the logout button. This allows you to monitor a specific user's current state.

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