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SQL Queries helps you in selecting data from RDBMS, in the fastest and simplest way. It helps users to access data in the RDBMS system. There are five rypes of Query.1) Data Definition Language.2)Data Maniplution Language 3) Data Control Language 4) Data Query Language.5)Transction Control Language.

A SQL (Structured Query Language) query is a set of instructions that get executed to obtain information from a database. In this tool, you can create queries not only from the table data, but also from records in other tables.

These are the five most important SQL commands that every database administrator should know. 1) SELECT - This is used to retrieve data from a database 2) INSERT - This is used to insert new records into the database 3) UPDATE - This is used to update old records in the database 4) DELETE - This is used to delete rows from the database 5) SELECT * - This is used to retrieve all rows in a table or view

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