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Superglobal are special types of variables because they can be accessed from any scope.The accessibility can be from any file, class, or even function without the implementation of any special code segments. This variables are inbuilt and predefined.

$global can be used to write functions that are only available for the file in which they were called. This is useful when you want to reuse code between multiple files. In this tutorial learn $ global Variable is a PHP variable that tells the script that it should execute the function or assignment found at that point. $ global has three main functions: 1) it can be used as a simple way of executing any function, 2) it can be used as a way of defining variables and 3) it can also be used for executing an entire script found within the same file. The $global variable is often overlooked but has many benefits. One of the benefits is that it lets you define variables which can later be executed by using $global() (i.e., print_r($global)).

In this tutorial , the super global variable is not "GLOBALS", because GLOBALS contains only the variables that are explicitly initialized as global. The Super Global Variable in PHP is usually defined as a global variable, but it is not just GLOBALS. The Super Global Variable in PHP includes all the variables that are implicitly initialized as global and all other global variables.

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