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Foreign key in mysql is used to link one or more than one table together. It make it possible to create a parent-child relationship with the tables.The parent table holds the initial column values, and column values of child table reference

A foreign key is the name by which the database knows that other table. It is to the same other table as an index number is to a table. Foreign keys are always followed by a period and are not nullable. Foreign keys should not be used to enforce referential integrity because the database will do this for you.To drop foreign keys using the command line, enter: ALTER TABLE name DROP FOREIGN KEY foreign_key_name

Foreign key is a key in one primary key column or multiple columns in your database that references the primary key of another table. Foreign keys are of two types: referential and master/dependent. Foreign keys have referential meaning if they are referenced in the primary key column of the table on which they are created. Foreign keys have master/dependent meaning if they are referenced in the columns that form part of the primary key of another TRIGGERS

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