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In PHP, an array represents an ordered map. A map is a data type that associates keys with values. This type is well-suited to a variety of tasks; it can be used as an array, list (vector), hash table (a map implementation), dictionary, collection, stack, queue, and probably more.

There are three types of arrays in PHP: Arrays with a numeric index are known as indexed arrays. Arrays with named keys are known as associative arrays. Arrays that contain one or more arrays are known as multidimensional arrays.

A linear data structure is an array, which is a collection of data objects with similar data types stored in contiguous memory places. We can simply access all items/elements of an array by knowing the address of the first item. Below is a list of arrays and their representations.

A formula that can conduct many calculations on one or more items in an array is known as an array formula. An array can be thought of as a set of values in a row or column, or as a set of values in a combination of rows and columns. Array formulas can either produce several results or just one.

A data structure that contains one or more comparable types of values in a single value is known as an array. If you wish to store 100 numbers, for example, instead of declaring 100 variables, you may just construct an array of length 100.

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