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SQL Injection in PHP

SQL Injection Direct SQL Command Injection is a technique where an attacker creates or alters existing SQL commands to expose hidden data, or to override valuable ones, or even to execute dangerous system level commands on the database host. This video will show you how to capture your MySQL database information in a PHP file and how to use it.


When an attacker uses SQL Injection to hack a PHP application, they can get access to the database and force the application to execute unauthorised SQL queries, allowing them to influence the application's behaviour.

The following are some examples of SQL injection: You can change a SQL query to return more results when retrieving concealed data. You can alter a query to interfere with the program's logic, which is known as subverting application logic. You can use UNION attacks to retrieve data from many database tables.

If you've spent any time working in web development, you've probably likely heard the term "SQL injection" and heard some scary stories about it. PHP, like many other languages, is vulnerable to this kind of attack, which can be extremely harmful.

PHP Object Injection is an application-level vulnerability that, depending on the context, could allow an attacker to undertake a variety of destructive operations, including Code Injection, SQL Injection, Path Traversal, and Application Denial of Service.

SQL injection, often known as SQLI, is a typical attack vector in which malicious SQL code is used to manipulate backend databases and get access to data that was not intended to be displayed. This data could encompass everything from sensitive company data to user lists to private consumer information.

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