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Views can be used to provide a summary that may include computations, according to the mysql certification guide. Hide irrelevant data by using a WHERE clause to pick a set of rows. As a result of a merger or unification.

Use the text search capability on any number of tables and schemas to find data across a MySQL connection. Select the tables, schemas, or both from the schema tree to search, then right-click the selected items and select Search Data Table from the context menu.

Views, including updatable views, are supported by MySQL. Views are stored queries that, when executed, return a set of results. A view can be thought of as a virtual table.

It all depends on what you're looking at via your vision. However, you are most likely to reduce your work while delivering better results. When a SQL statement refers to a nonindexed view, the parser and query optimizer examine the SQL statement's and view's sources and combine them into a single execution plan.

Views have a benefit over tables in that they can represent a subset of the data in a table. As a result, a view can limit the extent to which the underlying tables are exposed to the outside world: a user may be allowed to query the view but not the remainder of the base database.

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