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Make a basic stored process. DELIMITER ; Open the MySQL workbench to construct the MySQL Stored Procedure. Connect to the MySQL database, copy and paste the code into the query editor box, and then press the Execute button. The procedure can be found under saved procedures.

Types of Procedures are:

  • Transform procedures.
  • Source procedures.
  • Target procedures.

Stored procedures in MySQL can take parameters from the caller programme and return a result. Using standard syntax, SQL is embedded directly into the procedural code. Stored procedures, like tables and other database objects, can be created directly from the MySQL command line.

The primary goal of stored procedures in SQL is to hide direct SQL queries from the code and speed up database operations like select, update, and delete. Other benefits of SQL procedures include: The amount of data delivered to the database server is reduced.

A stored procedure is a piece of prepared SQL code that you can save and reuse over and over. So, if you have a SQL query that you create frequently, save it as a stored procedure and then call it to run it.

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