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switch case in PHP

how to use a switch case to create a PHP code structure that's easy to maintain and reuse easily. The switch case is a PHP feature that lets you create a series of statements between equal conditions for each control block. In this video, I'll show you how to set up a simple switch case that uses the best practices from this course.We will cover the best PHP Switch Case for your business, to get rid of all the pain points, to get this course in hindi you definitely understand your switch case..


The switch statement is used to take different actions depending on the circumstances.

A sequence of IF statements on the same expression are analogous to the switch statement. Many times, you'll want to compare the same variable (or expression) to a variety of values and run a separate piece of code based on which value it equals. This is when the switch statement comes in handy.

The switch case statement examines a specified expression and then executes the statements connected with it based on the evaluated value (which must match a particular condition). It is mostly utilised to carry out various actions in response to various circumstances (cases).

It's mostly a matter of personal preference whether you use if... elseif... or switch. The results are the same. Switch makes sense if all of your conditions are of the form x == value, with x being the same in all of them.

For the switch expression and cases, you may also use char's.

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