Course Content

Course Content


  • What is Android, exactly?
  • Who is the creator of the Android operating system?
  • Describe the architecture of an Android application.
  • What are the Android code names?
  • What are the benefits of using Android?
  • Is Android compatible with languages other than Java?
  • What are the fundamental components of Android?

To install PHP for Android, you'll need an Android phone or emulator with version 1.5 or higher, as well as the ability to activate "Unknown Sources" in the Application settings. After that, you only need to install the SL4A environment as well as the PHP for Android APK.

Android development is a very popular field in the IT industry. Many electronics companies such as Samsung and Apple have their own android development teams. This is not only because of the high demand for smartphones, but also due to the upcoming smartwatch market. Due to the increasing competition with other technologies, some companies are looking for contributors who can get into this field as well. Several recruitment agencies have started to offer job opportunities as an android developer in order to attract talent from other countries like India and China. These firms often make use of job postings on online job sites like Monster or Indeed like . Others make use of these ads on their own websites or in industries related websites.

The best way to prepare for a mobile development interview is to know the basic concepts of mobile development. Interviewers are expecting you to know the basics. The technical knowledge will help you show that you are ready for a job as soon as possible.

In Android app development, there are two major types of apps: native and hybrid. Native apps are made to run on the device built by Google. Hybrid apps are built using the SDK developed by an app developer. In Android app development, it is important to know what each type of app needs in order to suit the requirements of an individual user and make them easy to use and install.

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