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  • The UI AutoComplete TextView control is a text input control that provides suggestions for user input. It is designed to be used in UIs where the user can enter text and then select from a list of suggestions.
  • The UI AutoComplete TextView control is one of the most commonly used text input controls in Android applications. There are other text input controls like EditText, which only supports single-line editing, or PasswordBox, which requires users to enter a password before they can use it.

  • The UI AutoComplete TextView control is a new textfield that is automatically populated with suggestions as the user types. It provides a quick way for users to complete their input, and it can be used in both mobile and desktop apps.
  • The UI AutoComplete TextView control offers several features that make it easy to use. The most important one is that it automatically populates itself with suggestions as the user types, so there is no need for developers to implement auto-completion functionality in their app. This saves time and resources on the development side.
  • The other key feature of the control is that users can easily select an item from the list of suggestions by tapping on it or selecting it from a drop-down menu.

You may be wondering how to debug a control in your application. First, you need to identify the control you want to debug. You can do this by using the debugger tool or by looking through the source code of the control. Once you have identified the control, you can use breakpoints to pause execution at specific points in your code. You should also make sure that any event handlers are attached on a page level and not on a control level because they will not work properly if they are attached on a control level. Avoid mistakes in your application by debugging your controls as soon as possible during development.

While a text view is more of a read-only field, a text field is more of an editable field. The default text view on an iPhone is the "text" field whereas the default text view on an iPad is the "textfield". Text fields are typically used for inputting information into a form or editing information that was previously entered into another form.

The textview control is used to display text on a page. In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of textview and how to use it in your app. Textview is a control that displays text on a page. It can be used for displaying content, such as a quote or an announcement, or for displaying information about an item in your app. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add the textview control to your app and customize its appearance with CSS styles. We will also cover how to change the font size and color of the control using CSS properties.

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