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A list frame fragment is a type of list that contains three or more items. The items are usually things like events, ideas, or concepts.

The first item in the list is usually a complete sentence and it acts as a title for the list. The items below it are shorter phrases, sentences, or words.

Some examples of list frame fragments are:

  • What to do on a rainy day -Things you should always carry with you -10 Things You Need to Know About X

A List Fragment is a list of items that are not connected with each other. A List Frame Fragment is a list of items that are connected with each other.

A list frame fragment is a short, descriptive sentence that lists the items in a list. The list frame fragment is used to introduce a list of items, and can also be used to summarize or conclude a list. It is not typically used as an entire sentence. List Frame Fragments are often used when you want to give readers an overview of what they can expect in the following paragraph or section.

A List Frame Fragment is a graphical representation of a list. It is the most basic type of fragment in the library.

The steps to add a List Frame Fragment to your project are:

  • Add a new fragment to your project.
  • In the dialog that appears, select "List Frame" from the drop-down list and click "OK".

A list frame fragment is a type of list that contains a mixture of items, including text and images.

Benefits of using a List Frame Fragment:

  • It helps to break up the text on the page and make it more visually appealing
  • It can help to better communicate informatio

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