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CheckBox controls differ from radio buttons in the way they work. Radio buttons are used to select one option from a list of options. CheckBoxes, on the other hand, allow for multiple selections. The difference between the two controls is that radio buttons will only allow for one option to be selected at a time while CheckBoxes will allow multiple selections to be made simultaneously.

Checkboxes and radio buttons are elements that allow you to make choices. Checkboxes allow users to select items from a limited number of options, whereas radio buttons allow users to select exactly one item from a list of multiple options.

Checkbox controls, also known as radio buttons or option lists, are an essential element of forms. These controls have a single state, which can be selected by the user. In this article, we will discuss the different types of checkbox controls and their use cases.

  • The UI CheckBox control is a control that has two states - selected and not selected. It can be displayed as a checkbox or as an editable text field.
  • The UI CheckBox control is primarily used in the forms of an input form where the user has to decide whether to select or deselect an item.

The UI CheckBox control provides a way for users to select between two options. It is commonly used to represent a preference.

  • The UI CheckBox control provides a way for users to select between two options. It is commonly used to represent a preference, such as "Do you like the color red or the color blue?"
  • Some of the benefits of using the UI CheckBox are:
  • The UI checkbox can be implemented with just one line of code, so it is easy and quick to use.
    There are no constraints on how many options in an option group should be selected by default - as long as there are enough checkboxes available it will work.

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