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A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is a unique sequence of characters used by web technologies to identify a logical or physical resource. URIs can be used to identify anything, including people, locations, and concepts, as well as information resources like web pages and books.

A content description is a short story that describes the content of a given page. It can be used to describe the benefits of a product, to explain how to use a service, or to provide a preview of an article. It’s important for content descriptions to be short and concise. A good rule of thumb is that they should be no more than 100 words long.

  • A content URI or description is an identifier for a piece of content that links to the content on the web. It should be short and concise, so it can be used in marketing campaigns, social media posts, and other digital ads.
  • The first step to creating a content URI or description is to consider what you want your audience to know about your work. You should also think about what kind of tone you want to use in order to make sure that your audience knows how they should feel about it.

  • A content URI is a link to the content. A content description is a short summary of the content.
  • Content URIs and descriptions are often used in webpages and in web applications.
  • The descriptions provide more information about the content, while URIs provide a link to it.
  • The purpose of both is to make it easier for people to find and consume the information they need.
  • A URI is also called an address or URL (uniform resource locator).
  • It can be an address on the internet, like, or it can be an address on your computer's hard drive, like C:\Users\John\Desktop\examplefile.txt\.
  • Some URIs are called absolute URIs because they start with a protocol such

  • A content description is a short summary of the content found on a webpage. It is typically used to help search engines index the page and provide more accurate results when someone searches for keywords in that page.
  • There are many ways to create a new content description, but the most common way is by using Google's Structured Data tool. This tool can be found when clicking "Add Rich Snippet" in Google Search Console. The structured data tool allows you to add tags and specify what type of content it is (such as review, article, or video).

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