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Android is a mobile operating system which means that it is very popular in the app store with over 1.5 million apps available. This also means that more than one billion devices are using Android, making it the most popular mobile OS platform.

The benefits of developing apps for Android Architecture include:

  • A scalable and customizable application environment
  • Reduced development time, less code and smarter applications
  • A large number of alternative development platforms for different operating systems

The following are some of the features of the Android Runtime:

  • Gradle builds: Gradle builds are used for all third party libraries, which can be downloaded from their repository and uploaded to your project. These downloads happen only once and they do not require updating when new versions come out.
  • Shared Jars: Shared jars are used for shared code. They have a standard version number, which lets users know what version they are getting by default and different projects can use these jars across their codebase without any issues.

The Linux kernel, Libraries, Application framework, Android runtime, and System apps are the five tiers of the system.

Android Runtime (ART) is the Android operating system's application runtime environment. ART, which replaces Dalvik, Android's initial process virtual machine, performs the translation of the application's bytecode into native instructions, which are then executed by the device's runtime environment.

One of the most significant aspects of Android is the Runtime Environment. It includes fundamental libraries as well as the Dalvik virtual machine (DVM). It primarily serves as the foundation for the application framework and, with the support of the essential libraries, it powers our application.

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