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The default date picker control in both web and desktop apps used to be a simple date format with the line number. But since we can use the date picker for anything, it became a feature that is used for everything. The line number has been removed from the UI DatePicker control and it has been replaced with an interface you can drag around as you like.

Imagine a web page where users can choose the date they want to see on their screen. This date picking feature is useful when we want to help our users decide what time it is. In such a scenario, we need to be able to display the time via user interface instead of having them have to enter information manually. This will make it easier for them and will prevent them from getting confused while they are trying to figure out what time it is. This UI control allows us to choose the date that we want displayed on our screen and also lets us control how much of the date should be displayed horizontally or vertically. The real-time data for the selected date can be sent back asynchronously by using some other controls such as push buttons, checkboxes, sliders etc.

DatePicker control is an awesome feature in iOS and OSX. It allows you to pick a date and date range within that date. This can be useful when you need to create a calendar template or to display a list of dates. But what does it actually look like? We will have a look at the appearance of Datepicker control using UIKit code sample.

The UI DatePicker control is used to display dates on the screen. It can display a date from today or two years ago. It also allows users to change the date format by clicking on it and selecting one of the provided formats.

UI DatePicker is one of the most widely used date picker controls. It is doing a great job in the modern web design but it has a number of limitations. There are UI DatePicker problems that can be resolved through using UI DatePicker controls.

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