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Intent class hierarchy is a way to classify the different types of intents in an application. Intent class hierarchy is a way to classify the different types of intents in an application. These are usually classified into four categories: session management, chatbot navigation, skill execution and content generation.

Intents and intent filters are the way that we as developers can give our apps a personality. These pieces of code tell the app what to do in response to a user's voice command. This is why we need to keep them simple and clear so that they can be easily understood by users and other developers.

The following are some examples of intents:

  • “Play the song”
  • “Add this song to my playlist”
  • “What was this song?”

The following are some examples of intent filters:

  • “Remove this from my playlist”
  • “Play all songs in my playlist”

Broadcast intent is the simplest intent type. It is meant for broadcasting messages to a large audience. Content Provider intent is the second most common intent type. It is meant for providing content to people who are interested in your topic or niche.

  • Intents are the primary building blocks of an app. They are used to make sure that your app is able to respond to the user's needs in a way that is specific and appropriate for them.
  • Intents can be anything from "show me a list of nearby restaurants" or "search for music by Beyoncé." They also help us to create our apps with more flexibility and scalability, which means that we can use intents in any way we want and they will still be effective

Intents are used to specify the action you want your bot to take.

There are three types of intents:

  • Send messages
  • Open URLs
  • Start activities.

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