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A radio button, often known as an option button, is a graphical control element that allows the user to select only one option from a collection of mutually incompatible choices. A radio button is distinguished from checkboxes by its single feature, which allows the user to choose and deselect any number of items.

Radio buttons get their name from the fact that they work similarly to radio channel presets. A standard set of radio buttons. A set of radio buttons functions as if they were a single control. The Tab key can only be used to access the currently chosen option; however, the arrow keys can be used to cycle between the group.

The radio buttons are an important part of mobile and web applications. They have become a fundamental input element with the increased use of touch screens. This is an example of how to make sure that the user only has one option after they have selected the radio button in React Native. To make sure that there is only one choice available, we can set up a boolean filter on either the onChange prop or our state object.

Radio buttons, also known as radio toggle switches, allow users to make a selection from a list of options that they can choose from. They are created by pressing the "Radio" button in the lower-left corner and then selecting the options that you would like to include.

A radio button is a UI control that is designed to enable users to only be able to select one option out of many. Like other UI controls, it can have text labels and background colors that can be changed and programmatically updated. A radio button has three states:

  • Checked: The radio button is selected
  • Unchecked: The radio button is not selected
  • Pressed: The user has pressed on the area surrounding the sign

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to implementing a UI RadioButtonControl in an Android application.

The steps are:

  • Create the RadioButtonControl layout resource
  • Implement the control on the view
  • Programmatically switch between values

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