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Intents are used to represent the user's desired outcome, while filters are used to refine the search. Intents are often associated with a single word or short phrase, while filters can be more complex and include keywords, phrases, and other parameters. Intents can be thought of as an action that the user wants to perform on their device. Filters are used to refine the search based on parameters such as location or time of day.

The need to use intent or filter arises when the user is not sure of what they are looking for. For example, if you are not sure of what kind of music you want to listen to, then you would have to use an intent or a filter. The filters can be created by the company itself or by the users themselves.

Intent is an abstract description of an operation to perform. It is an interface to the system, which can be invoked by any process. Filter is a mechanism for modifying or transforming data. Intent and filter are two important components of Android development. Intent provides interaction with the system while filter modifies data in some way.

Intents are a way for the user to specify what they want from a product. Filters are a way for the user to specify what they don't want from a product. Intents and Filters are two different things that have been introduced by Google in Android Oreo. Intents allow the user to specify what they want from an app, while Filters allow them to specify what they do not want from an app.

Intents are the messages that are sent from one application to another. They are used to start an activity in another application. Filters are used to modify the data of a specific type of content. For example, if you want to know how many days there are in a month, you can use the DatePickerFilter.

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