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In Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new control called UI CheckBox that helps in checking or unchecking a value. The UI CheckBox control is designed to offer users a way to change an app’s behavior without having to dig into the code. It offers a simple way for users to switch their options on and off with just one click.

Check Box controls are often found on the UI of software applications. They provide users with a way to select specific items and allow them to perform actions such as saving, deleting, or starting projects.

Here are three common use cases for Checkbox controls.

  • Create tasks: Users can create tasks by checking off specific items on a list which will then show up in the task management system. This can be helpful when you have a large list of things you need to do and want to prioritize what should happen first.
  • Save progress: Check Box controls can save progress by showing whether an item has been completed or not completed from a list of items that need certain steps before they're complete like setting up your new computer or getting groceries delivered.

It is the most basic control used in UIs. The CheckBox control has three different states: unchecked, checked, and disabled. The state of a checkbox is determined by its position on the form. CheckBox controls that are in the first row or column are unchecked; those in rows or columns two through six are checked; and those that are in rows or columns seven through nine are disabled.

  • A CheckBox control is a common control for selecting multiple items. It is used in various UI controls like drop-down lists, radio buttons, and check boxes. Although it is not a new element to the design world, it has recently become more popular because of its flexibility in handling. It can be either checked or unchecked depending on the state of other controls.
  • CheckBox controls are beneficial to user interface designers because they allow the user to easily switch between multiple options without actually typing them in. This also makes it easier for users to understand where they can input information without having to read long explanations or words.

The UI CheckBox control is an option that all developers should know about and use. It is a versatile control that can be used to make user interfaces more interactive and personalized.

This control is not just for applications but can also be used in websites such as WordPress or Joomla. It can also be incorporated into any mobile app.

The uses of the UI CheckBox include:

  • Selecting options,
  • choosing between options,
  • Adding a search option

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