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The Android Life Cycle is a process that the Android OS goes through to manage the resources of the device. It is a sequence of states that an application can go through from being not running, to running in the foreground, and then finally being killed.

The Android life cycle is a series of phases that an Android application goes through from the time it is launched until it is closed. The life cycle defines what activities and operations can be performed by an application, and what the application must do before starting or stopping.

There are five phases in the Android life cycle:

  • Created: The application has been installed on a device, but has not yet been run.
  • Started: The user has opened the app and the app is now running in the foreground.
  • Paused: The user is no longer interacting with the app, but it remains in memory and continues to execute

The Android life cycle is a set of phases that an Android device goes through from the time it is first turned on to the time it is powered off.

There are seven different phases:

  • "Bootloader" This phase starts when the device is first powered on and finishes when it has booted into the operating system. - "Normal" This phase lasts until one of these events occurs: The user presses the power button again, or there are no more apps to run in the background, or any other event that causes a configuration change.

Foreground processes are those that we actively engage in, while background processes are those that we don't pay attention to The foreground process is what we do in the foreground of our computer screen. These processes include things like typing on a keyboard, clicking on a mouse and moving the mouse around your screen. Background processes are all the other things that happen when you open up an application or website.

App in foreground:

  • The app is the one that is currently in use by the user.

App in background:

  • This app is running in the background and will be activated when it gets a notification or when you switch to it.

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