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What is a datepicker control application? A datepicker control application is a component that uses the user interface to allow users to select or input dates and time using a slider or keypad. It can display today's date, tomorrow's date, today's time, yesterday's time and so on. These components are built on top of the jQuery UI UI Datepicker plugin.

Each application offers different features to the user. However, it is a common practice that developers often put timepickers in their applications to make them easier to use. Timepickers are used in websites and apps to allow the user to choose different times of day or days of the week for different purposes.

  • In the UI DatePicker control, if you choose a date on the calendar app, it will be displayed automatically. This feature is useful for web apps as well, where you can use a web app to input dates.
  • Today, the UI date picker control is widely used. We can use it to display dates in a variety of styles. However, there are some issues that we need to keep in mind while using this input element.

Time and date picker views are supported by Android.

DatePicker is an Android widget that allows you to choose a date. It allows you to choose a date in your own UI by day, month, and year (user interface). We'll need to utilise a DatePickerDialog class if we want to show this view as a dialogue. Android also has a timepicker that may be used to select the time.

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