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A broadcast receiver is an Android component that enables an app to respond to messages (Android Intents) broadcast by the Android operating system or by another app.

broadcast receiver is a component that listens for and responds to system-wide broadcasts. In Android, a broadcast receiver is an object that implements the BroadcastReceiver class.

To create a broadcast receiver, we need to follow these steps:

  • Create the class and make it extend the BroadcastReceiver class.
  • Define a constructor with no arguments (empty parentheses).
  • Implement the onReceive() method which will be called when there's an event of interest.

Broadcast Receivers are simple devices that respond to broadcast messages sent by other apps or the system itself. These signals are sometimes referred to as "events" or "intentions."

Broadcast receivers are used in Android to receive and process data from other applications. They're a way for an application to send notifications, updates, and other data to another application.

  • A broadcast receiver is a component in an Android system which is responsible for receiving messages from other apps and delivering them to the system. A content provider is a component in an Android system which provides data to other apps.
  • Broadcast receivers are usually used when the app needs to keep track of all the messages being sent from other apps, while content providers are usually used when the app needs to share its data with other apps.

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