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TextView is a control in android app that displays text. It's one of the simplest controls to use and it can be used as a way of displaying information or displaying some text in your app. Text views are typically used to display text on the screen, such as an incoming call or a message from your favorite social media platform.

The TextView control is a versatile control that allows users to create text and formatted text. This control is used in many different scenarios, including creating a user interface, displaying data, and displaying information. TextView can be used to display text with formatting and images. It can also be used on forms to display input fields.

  • A text view is a type of control that allows users to enter data in a text field. TextView is an object that extends the TextControl class, which allows users to enter text in a variety of ways.
  • TextView implements the ITextControl interface, which defines how a control can be used with text. The interface has two methods: OnTextChanged and GetText. The first method is called when the user enters or changes text in the control, while the second method returns all of the characters currently entered into the control as a string.

  • TextView is a control in Xamarin.Forms that enables developers to display text on the screen. It has the ability to display text in an arbitrary number of columns, and it is customizable for different languages and different layouts.
  • TextView is a great control because it provides users with a rich interface for displaying text, with features like scrolling and zooming. It also supports both horizontal and vertical layouts, which makes it easy to adapt to any situation.

Text can be displayed by UI TextView in three different ways:

  • Displaying text as a single line of text
  • Displaying text as a single paragraph of text
  • Displaying text in multiple lines of text, with each line wrapping to the next line when the
  • view is scrolled past its natural width
  • The third option is the most commonly used type of display.

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