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  • Android Studio is a cross-platform IDE that enables developers to develop, debug, and deploy apps for Android devices. Android Studio consists of an editor, a project view, and a build environment. The editor is where you create the application code, while the project view provides easy access to all your saving files.
  • The build environment provides the tools necessary to compile the code and make sure that it's compatible with different devices as well as different target versions of Android. The build environment also delivers an app package (APK).

Android Studio setup steps:

  • Download and install Android Studio
  • Create a new project
  • Open android studio
  • Choose “File -> New -> New Project” option from the main menu
  • After selecting the type of project you want to create, click “Next”
  • Click on

  • A development environment is required by software developers and web designers to create, test, and deploy websites and applications. It is not necessary to develop all the apps in-house; it is possible to hire software developers instead.
  • Development environments typically include integrated development environments (IDEs), editor windows, command lines, code editors with syntax highlighting, text editors with word wrapping and snippets, debugging tools like a breakpoint tool or the ability to step through code line by line in a debugger. They also usually include an integrated version control system for easy branching and merging of changes.

This guide is intended to help new developers with the installation and configuration of Android Studio and the Android SDK. Android Studio is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) that lets you write code for apps for both Android and Java-based devices. It includes debugging tools, a graphical user interface, an integrated build system, a project explorer, and more.

Advantages of using Android Studio:

  • The tools are more streamlined than the tools in Eclipse.
  • It has a powerful debugging tool that allows it to easily find errors and compile Java code quickly.
  • It provides IntelliJ as its core IDE which provides a lot of features and also has support for C/C++ programming language

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