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  • Android - UI Progress Bar Control

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A progress bar is a visual indicator that shows how far the content has progressed. It should be green at the top and red at the bottom, showing that it has not progressed further.

  • Progress bars are used to show progress on an ongoing task. They are useful when you have a large number of tasks that need to be completed at once.
  • There is currently no standardization in the industry and hence there is no common language for progress bar control on different platforms and devices. This makes it hard to differentiate between progress bars and other user interface techniques such as tabs or tabs-based navigation systems.

  • The use of progress bar control is a common way to show progress in most websites. The progress bar shows the number of minutes that have passed, the total time spent, or even until a specific goal has been reached.
  • The progress bar can also be used to indicate that something has been achieved and is complete. For example, you may want to indicate that the checkout process is completed and you are now ready to continue shopping.
  • The progress bar can be used in different ways and shapes depending on how it is designed but in most cases it will either be an arrow or a stick figure with an overall line between the beginning and end of the motion.

  • CSS progress bar is one of the most popular techniques for presenting progress bar to the user.
  • The main benefit of progress bar is its simplicity. It can be created using CSS and hidden using JavaScript by keeping the width and height constant. However, there are many common problems faced when you want to create a progressive enhancement such as auto-sizing the progress bars, or integrating it with a framework like AngularJS.
  • In this article we will discuss some solutions to these problems, in particular Progressive ProgressBar that uses custom SVG images instead of text to show the status of content in an easy way and HTML5 Z-index control library called Progressbar which allows you to create your own custom type of progressive enhancement without creating any HTML code at all.

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