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  • NTP Server Configuration

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Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol for synchronizing computer clock times in the Internet or in local networks. It helps in accurate timekeeping and synchronization in the Internet or in local networks. NTP defines how packets are exchanged to maintain accurate timekeeping between computer systems, servers and clients.

NTP is designed to synchronize computer clocks in fractional seconds. This protocol achieves this by taking an accurate timekeeper and polling it at intervals of 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 seconds. It then sends back the time client received from server to server until it reaches the original server. NTP also has a way of measuring the stability of each computer so that it can take into account how close these computers are to each other when determining their accuracy.

The network's clients are not reliant on an active internet connection. If an internet connection is up and running, NTP can reliably determine and account for packet transmission delays.

The purpose of NTP Configuration is to synchronize the system time for various services and applications. It sets up a global time standard in order to maintain synchronization between all servers and clients in a network. It also helps prevent problems that occur when times are not synchronized in networks that use computers running on different operating systems or versions.

The Network Time Technology (NTP) is a protocol that allows system clocks to be synchronised (from desktops to servers). Many distributed applications require synchronised clocks, which is not simply handy. As a result, if the time comes from an external server, the firewall rules must enable the NTP service.

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