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The process of automating the configuration, management, testing, deployment, and operation of physical and virtual devices within a network is known as network automation. Network service availability improves as daily network chores and operations are automated, and repetitive processes are controlled and handled automatically.

Automation and programmability are two closely linked concepts.

  • Automation is the process of controlling the operations of a system using external devices or software programs. Automation can be used in many different ways, such as mathematics, engineering or logistics.
  • Programmability refers to the ability of a device to operate on a set of instructions. A programmable device is capable of receiving and executing programming instructions without human intervention.

In the modern day, automation is a broad term that can refer to many different types of computer programming or executing a task with minimal or no human input at all. Automation is usually integrated with other processes in order to reduce the effort and cost needed for certain operations. Programmability is a subset of automation where one can add new features without having to make changes to existing codebase. Programmers are able to create scripts that can be executed repeatedly in order for them not do repetitive tasks themselves when doing long-running

The benefits of automation and programmability are two things that marketers need to be aware of. To make the most out of these two concepts, marketers need to know how to use them in tandem.

Programmability is the concept of API's. An API is software that allows other applications to access their data or services. It's a set of rules describing how one application can interact with another and the instructions to allow the interaction to occur.

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