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  • Configuration OSPFv3

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  • To access global configuration mode, use the configure terminal command. device# terminal configuration
  • To specify the router ID, use the ip router-id command.
  • Enter the ipv6 router ospf command to enable OSPFv3 on the device and enter OSPFv3 router configuration mode.

OSPFv3 is the Open Shortest Path First routing protocol for IPv6. It is similar to OSPFv2 in its concept of a link state database, intra- and inter-area, and AS external routes and virtual links. ... It is possible to enable OSPF and OSPFv3 at the same time. OSPF works with IPv4, and OSPFv3 works with IPv6.

In order to enable OSPFv3 on an interface, it must first be configured for IPv6. When the interface is setup with a global unicast IPv6 address, this happens.

The OSPFv3 protocol is an IPv6-based routing protocol that provides the following benefits:

  • Faster convergence times
  • Higher resilience to congestion
  • Auto summarization of prefixes
  • Lower processing overhead

Some of the new features in OSPFv3 are:

  • Increased support for IPv6 (64k subnets)
  • Support for 4k node addresses
  • Authentication header (AH) to provide better security

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