Course Content

Course Content


  • Cisco Coding Interview Questions
  • Program to find Kth smallest element in an unsorted array.
  • Breadth First Traversal (BFS)
  • Negative weight cycle.
  • Reverse Bits.
  • Thief Trying to Escape Problem.
  • Euler Totient Function.
  • Implementing Dijkstra.
  • Set the Kth bit.

  • some question such as: Draw a network topography you worked on before and explain the design?
  • What is your understanding of configuration management?
  • Talk about the difference between wired and Wireless LAN?
  • Explain the difference between a server and a dedicated server

Get a Cisco CCENT certification first. This is just the first step of your journey towards becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate. You need to get the CCNA certification, which is the next level after CCENT for you to be able to be called an expert.Now that you have the CCENT certification under your belt, it's time for you to start studying for the CCNA exam. There are many books and video tutorials available online that can help you prepare for this exam.

The questions might about networking fundamentals and configuring simple networks, which means that you should be proficient in understanding how data moves from one device to another. It offers a basic understanding about routing protocols and how they can be used to create internetworks or larger networks as well as understand local area networks (LAN).

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