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Use the encapsulation ppp interface configuration command to make PPP the serial interface's encapsulation technique. There are no arguments for the encapsulation ppp interface command. If PPP is not enabled on a Cisco router, HDLC is the default encapsulation for serial interfaces.

PPP consists of three primary components: a method for encapsulating multiprotocol datagrams, a Link Control Protocol for establishing, configuring, and testing the data-link connection, and a series of network control protocols for establishing and configuring various sorts of network-layer protocols.

The PPP protocol defines how data should be framed and transmitted over the Internet, local area networks, and telephone lines. PPP can be used to transmit data at either high or low speeds. High speed connections are typically achieved using synchronous optical networking (SONET), while lower speed connections are typically achieved using synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH).

PPP was created to facilitate the use of numerous network layer protocols at the same time, such as IPv4 and v6, IPX, and AppleTalk. PPP supports a variety of network layer protocols (such as IPX and AppleTalk), whereas SLIP exclusively uses TCP/IP-based IP.

The PPP protocol uses TCP/IP to encapsulate data packets through an asynchronous connection, which means that no synchronization is necessary between the sender and receiver of data packets. This eliminates problems such as dropped connections or packet collisions, which occur when two devices are trying to transmit simultaneously over the same phone line.

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