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The EIGRP routing protocol works on the concept of “dynamic neighbors”, which are destinations that share information about their link quality with each other every time a packet is sent. The EIGRP uses a formula to calculate the metric for a given destination and chooses the best path out of all the possible paths to that destination.

EIGRP is a router protocol that calculates the best path to send packets. It was created by Cisco Systems, Inc. It is an advanced distance vector routing protocol that provides IP-based routing for IP and IPX networks, designed to converge rapidly after topological changes.

EIGRP operates by constructing a graph, or map, of all possible routes to destinations using the metric of total distance to the destination network. It then calculates all possible routes and selects what it believes to be the best one. The routes are chosen based on their composite metric, which includes bandwidth used, load on link, reliability and cost for data packets.

EIGRP operations can be classified into three different categories:

  • The first type of operation is the network-discovery operation, which is when a router sends out a packet and waits for an ACK from the target. The network-discovery operation is used to find new entries in an EIGRP topology table.
  • The second type of operation is the update and query operations, where a router will send out updates and queries in order to maintain its topology table.
  • Finally, the third type of EIGRP operations are the active operations, which are when a router sends out queries to get information about link changes or changes in metrics with its neighbors.

  • Hybrid routing protocol (distance vector that has link-state protocol characteristics).
  • Uses IP protocol 88.
  • Classless protocol (supports VLSMs).
  • Default composite metric uses bandwidth and delay.
  • You can factor load and reliability into the metric.

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