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Scalability, security, and network management are all addressed by VLANs. VLANs are created by network architects to provide network segmentation. VLAN-to-VLAN routers filter broadcast traffic, improve network security, conduct address summarization, and reduce network congestion.

Select Routing> VLAN > VLAN Routing from the drop-down menu. Select the VLAN that you just created from the VLAN menu. Type the IP address you want to assign to the VLAN routing interface in the IP address field. Type the subnet mask you want to assign to the VLAN routing interface in the Subnet Mask field.

A VLAN router is a type of computer networking device that creates a separate and secure network within the other network. A VLAN router can be used to create multiple networks on one physical network or to connect different networks.

The main purpose of VLAN routing is to provide a mechanism for isolating clients on a shared network from one another. It does this by using MAC Address Table to identify the traffic and only forwarding it on appropriate ports.

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