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  • Basic Connected Network

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Routing is a great way to save time and energy for busy executives. It's a time management technique that helps you avoid over-committing yourself by putting off less urgent tasks. Routing allows you to tackle work more efficiently, with less stress and more consistency.

There are four types of routes. These types are connected route, local route, static route, and dynamic route.

  • Routing information protocol (RIP)
  • Interior gateway protocol (IGRP)
  • Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol (EIGRP)
  • Open shortest path first (OSPF)
  • Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP)
  • Border gateway protocol (BGP)

Routing is one part of the process which is used to determine what webpage will be displayed to the user. It can be done in two ways - with URLs or HTML code. URLs are usually easier to understand by humans but less efficient for web crawlers.

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