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There are 3 primary methods of port security:

  • Physical Security: Physical security has to do with how the port itself is designed to prevent unauthorized access. This type of security includes physical barriers, patrols, locks and other means of preventing or discouraging access.
  • Intelligence Gathering: The port gathers intelligence on its own personnel and ships coming in and out of the port. While gathering intelligence, they often identify suspicious activity or individuals who may pose a threat to their operations by asking for additional information or checking credentials.
  • Ports also use surveillance sensors, video feeds, alarms and other types of technology in order to control how cargo is handled throughout the terminal area.

By utilising the switchport mode access interface subcommand, you can make the interface an access interface. The switchport port-security interface subcommand can be used to activate port security.

Cisco Catalyst switches provide a layer two traffic control function called port security. It allows an administrator to set individual switch ports to only allow a certain amount of source MAC addresses to enter the port.

CISCO Port Security plays an important role in the organization's network and system security and helps increase the level of protection for data and devices. It also helps in preventing unauthorized access to the network, which protects the organization from potential attacks that could lead to information or device loss.

There are many features that make CISCO’s port security protocol more secure, including the following:

  • The protocol supports up to 1,024 different virtual local area networks created by the same device.
  • It can be configured to switch ports on and off.
  • CISCO’s port security protocol has a time limit so even if someone has access for a long time, they can only access one specific session at a time.

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