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From the admin console, you can execute basic network troubleshooting commands like arp, ping, ping6, traceroute, traceroute6, NSlookup, and AvgRTTs. These connection tools can be used to determine the network path from the system to a specific server.

Identify the Problem. The first step in troubleshooting a network is to identify the problem.

  • Develop a Theory.
  • Test the Theory.
  • Plan of Action.
  • Implement the Solution.
  • Verify System Functionality.
  • Document the Issue.
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Ping. The most commonly used network tool when network troubleshooting is the ping utility.

  • Tracert/traceroute.
  • Ipconfig/ifconfig.
  • Nslookup.
  • Netstat.
  • PuTTY/Tera Term.
  • Subnet and IP Calculator.

Check if you can access the internet from other devices:

  • Check whether you have a signal on your wireless device for your router
  • Make sure that your wireless network is on

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