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Pre Requisites and Basic java for Android App Development

Now the question arises why we should choose the Android operating system? First of all, the Android operating system is open-source, which is why we can access it. The other thing is that we can take Android from different places besides the Android market, so that too was an advantage. If we also see from the developer point of view, it is easy to put Androids application in the market, for which we have to do a simple registration, once we register and get the certificate then after that we can put any number of applications in the market, that is also an Android advantage.

In today's date, 80 percent of the mobile devices that are running in the mobile market are Android. So we can say that the highest market share of Android is going on. So due to all these reasons, we choose Android for application development.

Why Android ???

  • Android is the fastest mobile growing operating system.
  • Android has more than 300 hardware, software, and career partners.
  • Every day more than 1 million new Android devices are being activated all over the world.
  • Android provides us with the Strong Development Framework.
  • Android gives us everything we need to create the best application.
  • Android provides us with a single application model that we can run our application on the phone or tablet of the millions of users.

Now Android application has to be developed, so for this, we should know what things, or what things should we be aware of. So the most basic thing on which Android's entire coding works in Java. The coding of Android is Java-based, so we have to knowledge of Java to learn Android.

Now there are many concepts inside Java, which we have to use in Android. So we will see that concept, how Java uses Android. First, we will see about Class and Object. We take a simple example, I want to build a house, so to build the house, I have to design a blueprint and design a structure that will give me an idea of what my house will look like. So the house here is an object and the blueprint of the house that we are talking about becoming a class. Another example we will see is, as if there is a classroom that has many types of students, then each student has a different name, phone number, and address, and registration number, so if we have to create this kind of content, then we can create a class of students, and we will make each student an object.

The second concept that we want to see here is Inheritance. This is also a very important concept, which we will use for coding Android. Now when we talk about inheritance, there are different types of inheritance that we use. The basic meaning of inheritance is that it is used where one class wants to inherit the property, method, or variable of another class.

Different types of Inheritance in Java

The first is Single-level inheritance. Here Class-A is a parent class and Class-B is a child class, if we have defined any method or variables inside the parent class, then Class-B can now use all the properties of Class-A by single level inheritance.

Similarly, the second type of inheritance we have is Multi-level inheritance. In which we will see Class-A is parent class, class-B which is child class for Class-A, but at the same time it is a parent class for Class-C, it means Class-A will be the parent class, Class-B as an intermediate class, and Class-C which is a child class which can use properties of both Class-A and Class-B at the same time. This is how multi-level inheritance works.

The third inheritance is Hierarchical inheritance. Here Class-A is a parent class, Class-B which is a child class, and Class-C is also a child class, which means both Class-B and Class-C can use class-A properties, but Class-B and Class-C do not need to have any connection.

So here we learn Basic Java for Android App development and in Next Video Tutorial we will learn about What are XML Files and XML Parser in Android.


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