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Introduction to Android Mobile Applications

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Android is the most popular and powerful operating system for mobile phones and tablets today. How can we create an application for this power for an operating system? Within this course, we have seen the concept of basic Android in detail and a different configuration of practical Along with this, we will learn about what the activity is like, how we can design the UI of the apps, how we can do database connectivity, till the end of this course, you can easily develop your own Android apps.

You will be able to convert your ideas into applications such as calculator unit converter amplifier database easily and can be uploaded to Android's Play Store and downloaded to any device, so let's start Basic Android app development course with Learnvern.

So in this Video, we will see what is the mobile application, what is the need, in our day to day life of this mobile application and how many mobile applications are there, today we live in the mobile age where we have to see the messages of WhatsApp in the morning. What is our condition, be it our friends and relatives, our Facebook status updates can be found only when we talk about mobile applications, then mobile application is a computer program that is made specially in such a way that Runs inside mobile device

There will be thousands of such different categories, it will also get different category wise and such applications that when we talk, take a common exam. Ola apps have Ola apps which are very common apps in everyone's mobile. That we are illegal about it. This is an app that is famous in CityRide and runs only in some selected cities, which is very simple to use this app. When we use this app, first we can pick up our location. It can be anyone, it can be physically present location, it can be our house, it can be an office, airport railway station, any place where we have got current, from where we have to go, we will select the location

Then the second option is that the pick car is so we will select whatever car we want such as the mini is a sedan, after that, we get the ride now option, like when we book ride now, we get confirmation of the driver's details. The message number comes in the mail as it is confirmed, you can take the right even after the light is complete, if you do not have to cash in the cash, then the option of e-money is also available to us.

If we do not have all this processor, then we can take Roorkee information by right writing in place of right now in the place of book boat, you can take an estimate of what the charges will be. You can use what is a very common exam. Where can we take such apps from mobile applications? This is the application that we find in Day Today life, it depends on what kind of phone we can use. That if we can use Android, we will get it by going to the Android Market which is Google Play, if it will be found in the phone by going to the App Store, then it will be found in the Windows Store, Date Replace of Mines, which is the OS of our phone. We get such apps from the relevant market

So the apps that are used in different ways make us useful like we have to use the device in day-to-day life, the unit is a converter calculator, there is a camera, then everything we do is different device status if we achieve I have a mobile and I have all these different devices inside the mobile, I put the application of calculator for calculating, then if I have the application of camera for a camera then what would be the benefit to me? I do not have to carry so many devices and the second thing is that all my tasks are achieved by one task.

Now how many types of mobile applications are sent to us, formally seen, technically, there are two types of applications, which we said earlier, the native mobile application is the second and that mobile application is also the third one, which we will speak of these two. Combined government as we speak, as the hybrid mobile application technology gets advanced, we also have to design new content by taking advantage of advantage of whatever type of technology that is hybrid.

Hybrid app is also very much about that, both of them will see in a little detail what is native and what is that mobile application. This is what we saw from the pediatric point of the Federation when we talk about a native app which is Specific device is installed and web apps that are not device-oriented are common and hybrid which is both a combination of bag usage will also come young youth will also come and in this way, we can operate this operator Huh The voice of a native mobile application is oriented specific, it is mobile and intel, which is specially made keeping a device in mind, it will be less than the mobile application, so it is also quite speedy and if we have an Android phone, we get Android-based calculator. Will go especially for iPhone for Android phone, then we have created a special calculator application for iPhone, we will get calendars, each mobile has its own unique different kind of calendar, it has different functionality, all those things are native Mobile application will cover.

Bifurcation function see us here Native Hybrid and Web which is available in Green here Date Means Most the Advantage is the highest Advantage which is the highest Advantage is highlighted in Green This is Low which is the average in the Diet and Red which is Date is the lowest things or whatever we support to which we will speak little bit its disadvantage we can speak Comparison of all three we see that the device access is native then the hybrid will be full access which will be the parcel will use because that browser Apps flashlight runs because Net and Hybrid is available, it is never installed, a dozen requirements in the phone are any apps.

If you look at the development course, the most expansive date is native because it is in keeping with the mobile Its hardware is made keeping in mind the rest of the two are resizable. When talking for approval, you have to register for what is native, which is compulsory and what happens in hybrid but it is very less that and add less. And the web is There is no processor of this kind, in this lecture today, we have seen what is the mobile application, in the next lecture we will see Android Version and its History.


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