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How To Build Your First App In Android

In this Video Tutorial of the Basic Android course, you will learn about How to build an Android app step by step. So first of all we will click on the icon of android-studio and launch it, and in the first window, we will have 'Welcome to Android Studio' where there will be different types of options, out of which we will select 'Start new Android Studio Project' and as soon as we click, the 'Create New Project' window opens in front of us, in which we will first write the name of the application, 'LearnVern' we have given the name of the application, then it will ask us the domain in which we have written 'com.example.learnvern', and then will ask the location where we want to create our project, by default it has selected its path if we want we can also change it.

After that we will click on Next, here we will get different types of options, of which by default selected is 'Mobile and Tablet', we will use this because we are building our application for the mobile whose minimum version we need to select is Android 4.1, and then click on Next.

After that, now we have to select the kind of activity for our application, so now here we select 'Empty Activity', and then click on Next. After that, we have to specify both the name of our activity and the name of the layout. So we will name the activity 'MainActivity' and the layout name 'activity_main'.

Now we click on the finish here, so now our first Android application will be created. As soon as we click on finish our android-studio interface opens with the name of our project. When we click on our project name, it will provide an interface that is coded by default. So now we will see the application we have created by executing it.

To execute, we get different options in the menu of android-studio, for that, we have to select the 'run' option, and then after clicking run we will see a window. Here our emulator window will be executed in such a way that the name of our application and the text we have written in it will be shown.

By following this step we can build an android app. In next video we will Overview of first Android Mobile Application.


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