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How To Localize An Android Application

Localization is a device specific concept, our phone consists of different types of setting in which we set the settings according to our requirement.

An Android application can run on many devices in many different regions. In order to make your application more interactive, your application should handle text, numbers, files etc... in ways appropriate to the locals where your application will be used.

For example when we buy a new smartphone, it will ask us to choose language, so suppose if we select 'English' as our language, it will again ask us that which type of English do you want to continue with, like English(US), English (Britain), English(UK), Canada etc... So such kind of device specific setting is called Localization.

Localizing Strings

Italy, res/values-it/strings.xml


<;xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8”?>


<string name=”hello-world”>Ciao mondo!




French, res/values-it/strings.xml


<;xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8”?>


<string name=”hello-world”>Bonjour le monde!



Now we will look at a simple example which will tell us that how we use localization concept in our devices.








Other Location


US background image and English text.



Canadian background image and English text.


Earth image and English text.



Italian background image and Italian text.




Earth image and Chinese text.




Russian background image and Russian text.



Earth image and Japanese text.





Canadian background image and French text.

French background image and French text.

Earth image and French text.

Other Language






Earth image and English text.


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