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Android SDK Installation

In this Video Tutorial we guide you about How to Install Android SDK? This tutorial will be very helpful guide for newbie for Android SDK Installation. 

Now we will design an application 'LearnVern'. Within which we will see the different methods of the activity lifecycle, and see how it is executed.

For this, we will first start android-studio, and as soon as our android-studio starts, we will select the 'Start a new Android Studio project' option. Here we have to give the application name, we will give the name 'LearnVern' and then after that its package will be specified as 'com.LearnVern', then click on Next, click on Next keeping all the options as it is, and select Empty activity, name the activity as 'MainActivity' and also name the layout as same, and click on Finish.

As soon as we click on Finish we will have a window open in which we will see our project with the name. Now we will see how to design an activity lifecycle code.

And then after clicking 'Run', we will see how our activity flow runs in Android device, our device is starting, and when our application is going to run, we will see the activity flow, where our notification will be generated, now it will decide its activity flow when we click, meaning that it will now perform a function according to our activity such as activity start, activity stop, activity pause, activity restore.

In this way, our activity lifecycle is executed.

So in the next tutorial, we will learn How to Create Android Application from scratch.


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