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Android XML Layout


Now we will see what is XML File. The full form of XML is EXtensible Markup Language.

  • XML is developed by W3C.
  • XML was designed to store and organize data.
  • XML format is readable to both human and computer.
  • XML is tree structure because xml is fast processing process.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web. All the web developers are using it so that what standard of the application they want to develop should be known. W3C is used to define it in technical way.


Difference between HTML and XML

  1. We use HTML to display webpages, while in XML we cannot display webpages.
  2. HTML tags are predefined, this means that we cannot change them, if we want to use a tag, then we have to use the defining tag of HTML, whereas the tags of XML are user defined, so XML is human and computer readable both.
  3. We cannot compile HTML while we can compile XML because we can use it with a language such as Java and many other programming languages.
  4. HTML is not case sensitive because it has predefined tags, whereas XML is case sensitive because of user defined tags.

Why XML for Android?


When we are coding for Android, where the designing part is there, where we design the UI of the application, where we design the layout, at that time we write the designing code in XML format within which we use the AAPT tool. This tool is Android Asset Packaging Tool which allows us to view, create, and update within our application. AAPT Tool compiles resources in binary format. This means that when my application runs, the text is not in xml format, but the converted text of binary XML is displayed.


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