Course Description of PHP 

If you are thinking about learning PHP, you will not find a better PHP tutorial. The PHP course at LearnVern includes the Basics of PHP with theory and practical examples and real life examples of things that a PHP developer faces in Real Live Project Development. The best part of the PHP Training at LearnVern is that it is taught in your own language.

The course starts with an introduction of PHP, and goes ahead and explains the most important topics in PHP like arrays, sessions, include, functions, forms, variables, class. Not only is every topic explained in detail but also includes the How and why of implementing the PHP code.

Future of PHP and Job Market

PHP is a free, open source and extremely popular language, Both Large and small companies like Facebook, Wikipedia use PHP. Because of its popularity and features a huge number of PHP Jobs are available across the world.


Though there are no official PHP Certifications available but the content includes everything that you would require to crack any PHP Interview.

Upon Completion of the PHP course

By the time you are done with your course you will be
1) Code in PHP
2) Able to develop and Design the best looking PHP applications and Web sites.
3) Gain a solid understanding of PHP to learn advance topics in PHP or learn CMS (Content Management Systems) like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress
4) Work in a real live project and assignments for

Requirements for this course

1) You will need a basic understanding of C, C++ (Link to the course)
2) Computer with Compiler to practise the learning’s and exercises assigned to you.

Who is this course for?

1) Experienced – You are working in the industry and want to learn PHP
2) Freshers – You are in College and want to learn it to build a career
3) Business – You are planning to start a technology related business and want to know the technology.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to PHP
Introduction to PHP 00:01:42
What You Should Know for PHP 00:01:01
PHP Environment Setup 00:05:52
PHP Introduction Quiz Unlimited
Syntax Variable & Datatypes
PHP Syntax 00:05:08
Variables in PHP 00:07:43
PHP Variable Quiz Unlimited
PHP Echo & Print 00:02:56
Data Types in PHP 00:07:06
PHP Function
Introduction to PHP Function 00:03:03
Types of PHP Function 00:09:24
PHP Functions Quiz Unlimited
Php Assignment – Function 00:00:26
Php Assignment – Default Argument 00:00:24
Php Assignment Parameterized Function 00:00:21
PHP Operators Conditional & Loops
PHP Operator 00:11:53
PHP Conditional and Flow Statements 00:08:32
PHP Switch Assignment UNLIMITED
PHP LOOP 00:07:33
PHP Loops Quiz Unlimited
Php Assignment – Arithmetic 00:00:35
Php Assignment -Conditional Statement 00:00:38
Php Assignment – Conditional Statement and Operators 00:00:38
Php Assignment – While Loop 00:00:23
Php Assignment – For Loop 00:00:26
Php Assignment – Pattern Performation for loop 00:00:26
Php Assignment – Switch Case 00:19:00
PHP Array
Introduction to PHP Arrays 00:03:25
Types of PHP Arrays 00:04:28
Basic Functions in PHP Array 00:06:41
PHP Array Quiz Unlimited
Php Assignment – Array and Functions 00:00:31
PHP Strings
Introduction to PHP String 00:03:26
PHP String Basic Funtions 00:04:36
PHP String Quiz Unlimited
Php Assignment – String 00:00:31
PHP Inbuilt Functions
PHP Date & Time Function 00:06:29
PHP Date-Time Quiz Unlimited
PHP Include 00:04:37
PHP HTTP and Header Function 00:06:15
PHP Global Variables 00:10:06
Php Assignment – Date and Time 00:00:30
Php Assignment – Header Function 00:00:22
PHP File & Error Handling
PHP File Handling 00:05:57
PHP File Handling Quiz Unlimited
PHP Error Handling 00:05:06
PHP Error handling Quiz Unlimited
PHP Exception 00:04:02
Working with Form
PHP Form and User Input 00:04:33
PHP Form inputs Quiz Unlimited
PHP Form Validation 00:04:27
PHP Coding Standards 00:04:12
PHP with MySQL 00:04:46
PHP with MySQL_1 00:11:12
PHP with MySQL_2 00:03:13
PHP with MySQL_3 00:04:15
PHP with MySQL_4 00:02:51
PHP with MySQL _5 00:08:05
PHP with MySQL _6 00:04:37
PHP and MYSQL Quiz Unlimited

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  1. Profile photo of

    superb experience

    Like the guidance provided by the video tutorials. Extremely good to start learning php language. Thanx Learnvern…

  2. Profile photo of

    Nice Explain

    Its very good and everything explain with example

  3. Profile photo of Arpit

    core Php

    It was very easy learning the course as the examples make us understand the concepts in the shortest span.

  4. Profile photo of Piyush Sharma

    Easy To Learn

    This course very easy to learn and nice explanation all topics

  5. Profile photo of Chirag R Pandya

    Advance PHP

    Course is Very easily understand and easily learning for mobile any time any place.

  6. Profile photo of Hasmukh

    Core PHP

    Nice explanation in this course and easily understand to every topic

  7. Profile photo of kaushil gajjar

    Core PHP

    This is very useful course who want to learn PHP or who don’t have a time to go and learn.examples and explanation is very understanding.good job Learnvern.

  8. Profile photo of

    Core PHP

    PHP is very simple because i got LearnVern……

  9. Profile photo of sanjaykachiya

    Core PHP

    course gives a comprehensive review of every topic and is very easy to understand

  10. Profile photo of purvin

    nice course

    great to start basic learning of PHP course.

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