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Change case option in MS Word is a useful tool for formatting text. A change case can be used to show different parts of a sentence.Change case option is a very useful feature in MS Word as it allows you to change all or a certain part of your text with just a click of the mouse. In this tip, we will discuss all types of change case options available in ms word. We can easily select from many options for change cases and make our content look different from other documents on the same page by simply changing all or a certain part of it without having to write anything at all.

A capital R doesn’t stand for the letter ‘R’ and neither does a lowercase ‘r.’ Microsoft Word is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used to format text with different styles, font, size, and character spacing. This guide will give you some tips on how to change the capitalization or case of text in Microsoft Word. For instance, if you wanted to change all of your paragraphs from capitalized to lowercase text, then follow these steps: 1) Go to Home > Paragraph Style > Capitalize All Letters 2) From here, click on OK and confirm your changes by clicking Save at the bottom of the screen 3) Type any new paragraph and press Enter

It's easier than ever to change the case of words in Microsoft Word. Simply select the text you want to change, and use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + F3.

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