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Each page is a header and footer to a page including the barcode. Headers and footers are useful for tracking information to be included at the beginning of each page of the document. One of the most basic decisions when using a word processor is to select a header. This is usually done by selecting the first few words of your text and copying them into headers in the document.

The footer is that little area that sits at the bottom of every page and contains information about the page layout and other information about the document. These footers can be categorized into: search engine friendly, content ready, and display ready.The footer is the section where you write the "about" information for your website. The footer is usually filled with this information, so it's important to know what exactly it does.The definition of a footer is the information that repeats throughout a document at the bottom of the page. An example of a footer is the page number listed along with your last name.

Headers and footers are the first things to appear in a document and can be used as a means of identification. They also provide an indication of the content that is ahead or behind them. Header: A header is a note or title that appears at the top of a page, on the cover page, or in front of some other related piece of text. Footer: A footer is a note or title that appears below the bottom of a page, on the end pages, or at the end of text on some other related piece of text.

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