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Formatting tables in MS word can be done by specifying the table style.Tables are a staple in most workplaces. They're used for all kinds of things, from reporting to marketing reports. We can format the table according to our needs. For example, if table is about jobs that require specific skills, then we should format the table according to the skills required by that particular job. For example, if a person is hired for an engineer position with specific skill sets, then we should format the table accordingly so that it's readable and understandable by other users.

Table style is a style of writing in which the table is placed at the start of the body of text. The normal style does not place tables at all. It can be used as an alternative to rich text, and akin to fixed width texts such as those produced by Microsoft Word. The table style is ideal for command-line interfaces and web content where tables are not required to be large enough to hold all the information that will need to be displayed. The normal style could also help with agile development where long blocks of text are often created for each section or component within a project, but then reduced down into one or two sentences after they have been developed.

Organizing: This Tutorial will introduce you to the basics of how to Organize a table in Word. Arranging a Table In Word: In order to get started, you should have some basic knowledge about what a table is. A table is an object that has rows and columns with cells, which contain content or data. One of the most important parts of arranging a table is placing your headers and footers at the bottom of the page. Another thing that needs to be done while arranging a table is making sure that all your columns are on one line and that there are no gaps between them. Formatting : The following is a simple guide to formatting a table in Microsoft Word. Creating a table in Word is easy, but the syntax varies from one type of table to another. Most tables have four rows and two columns, with each cell containing content that is relevant to the topic under discussion. Here's an exercise on how to create a simple table: Create a new document by clicking File > New. Click on Insert > Table and then click anywhere inside the document where you want your first row of text to appear. Enter your first row into the second column and your second line into the third column as shown below: One | Two | Three | Four First Row Text from Column 2, Second Row from Column 3, Third Row from Column 4

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