Course Content

Course Content


  • Make a vocabulary list before you begin.
  • Don't define every word.
  • Use context clues.
  • Look for word roots, prefixes and suffixes that you know.
  • Break up sentences into chunks.
  • Look for related words and ideas.
  • Read and summarize.

  • I'm remembering some things.She stared into the pool, remembering a lonely childhood.
  • She smiled, remembering the day they took Destiny home from the hospital.
  • Remembering what Felipa had said about the girls being out of a home if Alex refused the inheritance, she smiled.

A subject, a verb, and a full concept are required for clearly written, complete sentences. A statement must be comprehensible on its own. Complete sentences are sometimes referred to as independent clauses.

At the very least, a full sentence must contain three elements: a subject, a verb, and an object. A noun or a pronoun is usually used as the topic.

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