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A table is a type of document that is used to contain information about a set of data. Each row of the table is called a cell and they are arranged in rows and columns according to the logical structure of the data that they contain. The table to text conversion is the process of converting a document from one format to another. The main purpose of the table to text conversion is to save on space and avoid wasting time on formatting documents that are not required. In some situations, the need for a table to text conversion might be non-existent while in other scenarios, it might be necessary for the client's content. We could use text to table converter to convert tables in Microsoft Word. However, it is hard for our users to get their hands on it so they need a tool that allows them to convert tables directly in the word. That’s why we have developed Table2Text, a java applet that lets you convert tables into text using any text editor or macro program. This applet provides you with the basic functionality of simple conversion of tables into text documents by providing both native integration and easy conversion of the table data source. Here are the steps to Convert: 1. Select the rows or tables you wish to convert. 2. On the Layout tab, click on the Data section, click Convert to Text. 3. In the Convert to the Text box, under Separate text, click the separator character you want to use in place of the column boundaries. 4. Click OK.

To remove a table from a MS Word document, you can go to the table or table row and then click on the Remove Table button.This is one of the most common questions around the world about tables and Word documents. Sometimes, it can be hard to know exactly how to add a table, especially if you don't know which kind of table you need and what aspect of the document needs to be changed or removed. A table should be placed in a document either to show that the table contains the information or to summarize what other parts of the document are related to. Sometimes, when many tables are placed in a document, it's easier to find certain parts of the document. The easiest way is to use macros - or shortcuts for Macros. Macros can be used for almost any task - insert images, create tables, remove text boxes from documents etc.

Word is one of the most important tools for any copywriter. Whether you are working on a project for your company or just want to start your own blog, it is vital that you learn how to use Word. This tutorial will teach you how to add formulas in a table in Microsoft word in Hindi. MS Word formula is used to show how many rows, columns, and cells are in a table. It also shows the total number of cells in a row or column. You can use formulas to calculate totals or averages, to copy data from one cell into another, or even to change the order of data. If you want to add a formula to your table in MS Word, follow these steps: - Select the entire table with the mouse and choose Insert > Table. - From the Ribbon menu on the top left corner of your screen, click on Cells and then on Formula.

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