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Word art objects can add a touch of creativity to a document, but inserting them in Microsoft Word is not always straightforward. Word art objects are also called text box objects or word balloons. They are used to draw attention to certain words or phrases by framing them with an image. To insert a word art object in Microsoft Word, you can open the Insert tab on the ribbon and select the Text Box drop-down menu. To change the font on a word art object, select an object and select the top-right menu option "Font." From there, you will be able to modify the font of that object. First, you need to find the word art object you want to modify. If it is an image, select it and then select "Font" on the top-right menu option. From there, click "Modify Font."

Visual changes, ranging from the possibility of changing WordArt to a change of font or color, are still not completely eliminated. They are more possible in MS Word 97-2003 instead of its modern version. The most common way to change WordArt is by using a plugin for MS Word created by the user. A wordart is the string of characters used to give a verbal description of an object, person, or event. Any textual shape that can be written in an office environment like MS Word. The typeface is one of the most important parts of any text, usually found at the end. It has many different variations which help us to read one line by line easily. Typography can be considered as one type of graphic design and it has so many different variations which can be used for its layout.

Word art is a type of image which can be created with Microsoft Word. It can be generated by choosing the text tool, inserting text into the pictures, and then adding colors. The steps to follow are as follows: 1) Create a new document in Microsoft Word. 2) Click on the insert tab and select "Text" option. 3) Click on "Create Text Art". 4) Type your desired text. 5) Select an image from the toolbar below it or open an image file in your computer to use for this step. 6) Click on "Insert Text Art" button at the bottom of the page to insert your desired text art picture into your document.

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